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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 18, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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i'm beth troutman. we've got great videos, "right this minute." you are watching a man who possibly saved his own life. hear the story behind the bold escape. >> this is terrifying. a protester is bringing sexy back rocking. >> the borat bong. >> but see why he did not dress to impress the cops. >> what? >> you exposed yourself, i saw you. >> a man is covered in slumg and
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scum. >> he's my new hero. >> you'll know why when he see what he found. and why scooters and escalators don't mix. >> come on, lady, are you kidding me? this us on wpxi on a street in sheridan, pennsylvania. >> whoa. >> immediately this person gets up and started running toward some cops that were on an unrelated case. >> it looks like the cops and all these people standing there didn't even notice. >> they probably had no idea where he came from. >> according to reports, this man had been kidnapped and took this opportunity in front of the cops to save his own life, escaping from the van that he was being held at gunpoint. >> my goodness. >> what? >> he reportedly told police that he had been watching down the street. men inside the van asked him for directions. when he couldn't provide
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directions, two armed men from within the van, snatched him, pulled him inside to rob him. >> this feels a little strange. you don't hear of many stories where innocent adults are kidnapped. >> the guy definitely took some serious risk jumping out of a moving vehicle. >> he reportedly told police that he heard the men saying where can we take him to kill him. we need to kill him. >> and what luck to be cruising by a scene with a bunch of cops at it. >> it's amazing that nobody was firing at him as he was trying to jump from the vehicle. >> maybe they saw the police and were spooked by the police and thought now we can't do anything. >> you do see a police officer jump in his car and drive after the van. the van was located a short time later. police have identified one suspect, david walker. they are still looking for the other two men that were in the van. >> this is terrifying. i've got some dash cam footage from a sheriff's deputy
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patrol car in pontiac, michigan. the patrol car was in the downtown area of pontiac and saw this driver cross the yellow line, run a red light, go the wrong way down a one-way street. when the officer tried to pull this guy over, he fled. but watch what happened. >> oh, boy. right into a house. >> right into a building, knocks over a stop sign. keeps trying to run but another patrol car gets in his way. >> come on. >> and he rams that patrol car. all of the sheriff deputies get out of the car with their guns drawn, head over to get this guy out of this suv. but here's what happened. officers ended up having to tase this guy because he was resisting arrest. they ended up arresting him, taking him into custody and charged him with several offenses, including eluding police and resisting arrest. according to the sheriff's office, this guy as intoxicated.
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>> no! i can't believe that. >> that's surprising. somebody intoxicated getting into that kind of trouble. >> he was just trying to rack up his points. in his mind he was playing a video game. >> the good news in this case is the bad guy was caught, but not by the long arm of the law. check this out. this happened in boynton beach, florida. we got this video from wp tv. this woman is giving an order at a dunkin donuts. look at this guy walk up and stand next to her. >> he grabbed her wallet. she put it down on the counter and when her hands were tied up getting her change, he snatched it. >> the employee was able to get the license plate number on the suspect's car. >> the cashier saw the man's face but they were unable to
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identify him in the lineup. but the car was registered under the suspect's father's name. the suspect is michael ginger jr. and the car he was riding in belonged to his dad. they showed a picture to his dad, they showed the video and the dad was like "that's my son." he was i.d.'ed by his own father. the dad called the police and said he's going to turn himself in. >> that's my boy. let's go to the asberry park, new jersey, boardwalk where the situation starts out really funny, turns serious really quick. a little bit of a demonstration here. you've got a guy and he's wearing the borat thong underneath his shorts and pops everything off. >> you exposed yourself, i saw you. >> he's promptly arrested by an officer who's nearby. the people at this demonstration, not so happy. >> it's a bathing suit.
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it may not be a flattering bathing suit but he was still covered. >> when he bent over to take his pants off, it came open, exposing his prooifivates. there's a small child in a stroller five feet from him. >> he didn't do it purposely. these people are celebrating the fact that a 1958 ordinance was recently repealed that would have made it illegal to wear your bathing suit on the boardwalk or any thing close by. this was organized as a peaceful bathing suit party where everybody is going to wear their bathing suits because now they can. so the cops are probably standing there just waiting for something, any little thing to go wrong and, boom, they jumped on. >> it thank you for protecting us from his peen sglnipenis. >> this was supposed to be funny and an exaggeration, but he ended up exposed himself to a small child. >> i think he accidentally
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showed more than he wanted to and the child happened to be there. not in front of him either, he was off to the side. >> the man in the borat suit was arrested for lewdness and has a hearing on july 27th to determine whether charges will be pressed. we are hitting the mud for some -- >> downhome, good, clean, dirty fun. >> find out why this isn't your typical mud romping. >> yeehaw! >> and nick goes all pitch man on a new camping tool. >> and as a bonus it charges your electronic devices. >> see if he can sell you on the new gadget that makes roughing it less rough.
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with over 30,000 hot spots. at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ it's time for another edition of the best of rtm where we tell you about bonus videos you can find on our website. >> if you're a magician, this is a big no-no. this is keith berry performing
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in dublin on friday the 13th which makes it kind of creepy and he has a trick that goes horribly wrong. trust me, you'll want to check this out. i have something completely different from that. this is an engagement video. the love story of danny and robin. it starts with a photo montage and ends with the big proposal moment. >> oh, nice. all the girls go ahhh. >> it makes everybody feel emotional. you can find these on all you have to do is -- >> click best of rtm. when you guys see this video, you're going to say this woman is lucky to be alive and uninjured. this is from a surveillance camera in the mbta subway system in boston, massachusetts. >> come on, lady, are you kidding me? how does she not know that that's not going to work? >> so she tries to go up the escalator in the scooter. it flips over on her, a complete
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360. luckily an mbta worker comes and other passengers help the lady out. >> those things aren't designed to go up escalators. >> there had to be an elevator near nearby. >> there was an elevator 50 feet away but this 56-year-old woman decided, heck, i'm going to go up the escalator. she could have been seriously injured. just think if her hair got caught in that escalator. >> she could have hurt somebody else. >> the mbta says they're putting more video cameras so they can spot incidents like that and hopefully stop crime. >> she would have kept going because she would have gone up a few and kept falling, gone up a few and kept falling. it could have been really bad. cat in a box.
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♪ i'm going to make christmas shopping for me very simple for you guys this year. this is the new biolight camp stove. it's a very simple camp stove that uses small twigs and wood, not harmful gas, to fire your camp stove and boil your water. and the bonus, it takes the heat that it generates and charges your simple electronic devices. come on, i can see oprah putting one of these under every seat. >> you can't just make twigs and leaves and stuff like a man? >> all it is doing is charging your phone. >> so all you're doing is making
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a fire in a little thing that charges your phone. >> it's a camp stove, okay. if you're a backpacker, you're traveling light and don't want to create a huge fire, you pick up the twigs and small things you find on your journey, put it into this very easy to light, economical biostove and as a bonus it charges your electronic devices, maybe your gps, your ipod or it can throw off a little light with an extra l.e.d. >> this is a true on source energy. >> some of the earliest devices will start shipping this month for $129. >> i go to the woods to get away from the power outlets. i don't want anybody calling me or playing words with friends. you want to build a manly fire in a circle of rocks. >> oh, my goodness. >> shoot a squirrel, right?
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>> no. tomorrow on "right this minute," skateboarding out on the lake. oops. >> you're not bothering anybody out there, come on. >> cops cool this skateboard fun next, "right this minute." getting tatted up live on the air is about entertaining listeners. >> what do we have to do to get you to have a "right this minute" tattoo. >> i want you guys to do it with me. >> i'll do it! dang, i shouldn't have said that. and then there's pitt. see how it's changing his life story. >> pip the comeback c
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remember, "right this minute" is all new, all summer long. i think one of the greatest things you can find is a really entertaining show on the radio. one of these shows is on kiss-fm out of los angeles called joe-joe on the radio with a host named joe-joe wright. he's getting tattooed live on the air with some of his celebrity guest friends. he's doing this during his live broadcast, which of course is on the number one station in los angeles, but it's also syndicated. so the other markets across the
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country are hearing this happen. >> i can't wait to see how he takes the pain, baby. >> are they getting whatever they want or getting what joe-joe tells them to get? >> i think we should find out. we have joe-jo wright via skype from his studios in los angeles. welcome to the show, joe-joe. >> what's up, guys. by the way, any one of you guys want to come in and get a tattoo with me on the air, let's do it. >> are you picking the tattoos that we could potentially get? >> no. you'd end up with something like a butterfly on your lower back, a tramp stamp. i do it on the air because i'm more brave on the air than off. i thought i would just get one and now i've got six tats. it's so addicting. something about the buildup and the rush because you can't back out. >> how do you turn that into something that's fun to listen to. >> as far as the people just listening, you hear the -- and
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you hear the pain. >> for the love of -- ow! >> you know what's going on. doing it with a couple of friends who happen to have a record on the radio is kind of cool. >> we want to see your tattoos. >> my daughter's name and birthday. i have a bible reference here. >> i like the rosary. that's my favorite one. >> that one kind of hurt. the rosary and the jack. this is the one that sky blue has. >> joe-joe, what do we need to do to get you to have a nice "right this minute" tattoo. >> maybe like right here? we'll have to talk that one over. one of you guys will do it with me. >> i'll do it with you. if you get one on your lower back, i'll come in and get a tattoo with you. >> that's on record. >> i'll do it! >> you want to know what beth did this weekend? >> yes.
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>> check it out. >> i'd like to know what i did this weekend. >> yeehaw! >> this is beth -- you know what, this isn't beth. this is daniel mundy's 1970 chevy air mundy and he airs it out huge, 20 feet in the air, big splashdown. i would love to do something like this. >> and i could totally see beth doing something like this and she would probably kick some butt. >> i used to do this kind of thing on my four-wheeler. any time that the creek would flood, we had a little ramp, right down in the mud. >> i like seeing this because this is like a homegrown truck. it's not the big corporate
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sponsored monster trucks, this is downhome, good, clean, dirty fun. you've got to think there's tad poles in this puddle that are like what the heck is going on here? i just thought it looked like a ton of fun. if i could get my 4-runner to do this -- i probably could get the 4-runner to do it but i'd sink to the bottom with the tadpoles. >> that guy wades into dirty, filthy water with -- >> toilet paper. >> im [ male announcer ] if you think any battery will do,
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you guys know that phenomenon called pokemon. >> yes. >> there are 151 original characters and i could not name any of them except pokemon. >> it's picachu. >> but this girl can mimic all of them. >> i think her impersonations might be pretty good. i don't know what these characters sound like, but she
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sounds different in each one. >> and it sounds like she actually might be minimum micking but we do know that our camera guys are experts. does this sound like the characters? >> yeah. it's really weird. this guy is going to need a tetanus shot but he's my new hero. his name is vladimir and he saved a puppy from what looks like disease-infested waters. and i want you guys just to look at some of the stuff on the beach. toilet paper. >> yikes. imagine the smell what this guy is going through right now. >> he's collecting a bunch of garbage that he's pushing to shore as he's bringing that dog with him. >> he's using that limb to push the garbage out of the way. it keeps it from being all over him. >> like a bgarbage plow. >> look at the puppy. >> oh! >> and look at this puppy when
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it's put on the shore. >> wow. >> it's exhausted. >> it is such a cute puppy too. >> vladimir, you're my new hero. i don't know what i would do in this situation. >> you're pretty torn, aren't you? puppy or filth. >> fabian? >> i really do like puppies. >> would you do it if i handed you a gallon of purell? >> i would do it -- i would do it if -- i would need to get into a shower. there would need to be a shower stall right next to it. >> so you could let a puppy die? >> no, i could not. >> i wouldn't let the puppy die but i would be saying something the whole time. meet the amazing little pip.
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pip is a tiny little kitten. he was born in nebraska. but look at his front legs. >> oh, man. >> aww! >> he's like army crawling permanently. >> yeah. he was born with deformed front legs. >> he doesn't seem to know the difference. >> where he was born in nebraska, they weren't able to care for him properly so this rescue in st. louis, missouri, took him in and they are now caring for him. this is a video of little pip playing. like you said, not knowing there's something wrong with his legs. >> are they going to attempt any kind of surgery to correct his deformity? >> they're going to let him grow just to see how he develops and how he adapts to this deformity, but eventually they will be considering different options. >> for right now, i mean he's getting around pretty good. it's like he's having a good time. who knows, maybe they won't have to do anything. maybe he can just become a normal cat. >> i would imagine as he's older it would cause pain and problems as he gets larger on the elbow
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joint because it's not designed to take on that kind of pressure. >> if you want to help, go to >> cute little kitty. >> that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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